How to get prompt payments from customers and clients

Businesses have evolved by way of operations have evolved considerably over a period of time with right use of technology and tools. Using the right technology, and getting it right with the use of tools and knowledge is the key to run efficient businesses. With the proliferation of digital powered tools and technology, there are a plethora of tools and online apps that are made to suit the needs of micropreneur and businessmen. From online invoice generator apps to legal documentation apps, generous use of tools and technology are known to bring about efficiency in the business. Professional online invoicing app such as SpiderG are designed to suit the needs of businessmen. This simple billing generator helps track payments, follows up for payments, reconciles statements etc. In other words, businessmen are empowered at the end of the day with the use of apps such as these.

The benefits are a myriad here, from payment follow up to professional online invoicing apps such as SpiderG has taken away most of the accounting woes and worries.

Payment collection from customers sucks energy and resources

This is something which most of the small businessmen and micro-entrepreneurs will be able to relate with especially if they have to deal with recurring bills and payments. Keeping track of the monthly bills and payments, maintaining account of delayed payments, follow-up for unpaid bills, reconciliation of bills takes tremendous effort and time. Businesses such as fitness classes, transport services, yoga and aerobics classes, gyms etc., follow under this class of business who have to raise recurring bills on periodical basis.

To add to the existing problems, there can be some confusion in terms of billing such as miscalculation, unpaid bills, misplacement of bills etc., that could take time to realise and prove.

In such a scenario, there are several tools and technology-enabled apps to keep track of payments and for effective payment collection

Online invoice generator and tools and apps such as SpiderG can sort out most of the payment issues that businesses face. Prompt billing, effective communication is some of the features that will ensure timely payments from customers. The other advantages of switching to the right professional online invoicing include-

-Easy tracking of payment history and transaction details

-Communication with the vendors, customers and suppliers

-Reconciliation of statements on real-time basis

-Management of healthy cash flow by keeping track of delayed payments

How to go about it- the answer to this question is rather simple. All you need to have is a mobile and a data connection. Follow the steps before you could get going with the app that is the simple billing generator.

-Download the app on your mobile and register yourself, giving all necessary data

-Add the details of the customer database for recurring bills

-Complete by giving all the necessary details of the payments and receivables

– Track details of the payments received or to be received

In case of delayed or overdue payments, a dashboard view of all the payment dues will appear in the dashboard. This not only gives an overview of the dues, but will also ensure that the payments are received through consistent follow-up.

Effective solution for overdue bills and payments

A lot of businesses have to constantly face payment crunch due to overdue bills and payments and due to unpaid bills from their customers. While the earlier systems demanded an involvement of accountants and professionals to take care of the payment follow-up process, it is not so anymore, any longer. Thanks to the use of the right tools and technology, things are a lot more easier during the present days. Online invoice generator such as SpiderG has proven to be a boon for businesses who wish to ensure prompt payment and timely cashflow.

 During the process of professional online invoicing, invoices are recorded, payment follow-up is initiated, reminders are sent through automated messaging on a month-on-month basis. There are a host of benefits that is in store for those switching to a simple billing generator such as SpiderG. This is for those businessmen who wish to sort issues promptly, effectively and wish to address accounting woes and worries effectively.  Also Visit us at Tracking invoices and Payments

Sorting out the invoicing problems effectively and efficiently with online tools and apps

Accounting and billing is one of the key administrative functions for any organization, the monitoring of which consumes a lot of time, manpower and energy. Besides this, your company should be equipped with people and necessary wherewithal to sort out the accounting woes and issues that occur during the course of business. No doubt, online invoice generator, and accounting tools have been able to address certain day-to-day billing concerns and tracking payments is a lot easier than it was years ago. In the case of those companies who have to deal with recurring bills and accounting, an Online billing maker is of great help as much as a reconciliation app as it is easier to track payments and billing and where every transaction can be monitored at the click of a button. With the coming in of the GST regime, apps such as SpiderG also work as free gst billing app for SMEs who otherwise have to hire qualified personnel to address taxation issues.
“The benefits are huge, helps me track payments and repayment schedule,” says a business owner who due to the nature of his business has to deal with the monthly billing cycle”

The problem with a recurring billing system

Enterprises that deal with recurring bills have to ensure that the payments happen on time, vendors are paid on or before deadline and bills and payments are taken care of on a monthly basis. Travel agents, Gyms, fitness centers, aerobics, and yoga classes are some of the examples of those enterprises that have to deal with recurring bills. Having said this, they face a couple of problems in the usual course of billing. To list them out;
-huge consumer database
-follow-up for money on a monthly basis
-reminders and constant follow-up of the unpaid amount
-reconciliation of bills
-GST issues that can be handled only through a free GST billing app
-tracking of payments
Besides this, there is always room for some human errors in accounting such as lost bills, misplacement of bills, error in calculation, difficulty in tracking payments, to name a few.
To put things in a nutshell, a recurring billing system requires a certain level of monitoring and involvement of qualified professionals who are committed to the job in hand. There are several aspects that can go wrong along the way, the rectification of which, can be quite a tedious task as well. These issues can be addressed through an online bill maker app.

The solution-adapt online invoice generator

The advantages are huge. From cost savings to prompt billing, less manual involvement, automated messaging, etc., an online bill maker software can make the job a lot easier and can help manage the billing and accounts far more efficiently than the manual process, etc. In the mobile-centric world that we live in, an online invoice generator can be a great boon for businesses large and small. Talking about the SME sector, more particularly those businesses who have to deal with recurring bills, a reconciliation app such as SpiderG can ease the burden of the invoicing function. To list down some of the advantages, an online invoice generator can perform the following functions, namely:
-Reconcile accounts on a real-time basis
-prompt follow-up of every payment due
-timely reminders for the overdue amount
tracking payments through automated messaging
-keep tab on the transaction history
In other words, the advantages are huge to say the least. Such an online bill maker often doubles up as free GST billing app that can calculate the GST payments to be made and can also calculate the taxes and other regulatory compliances that are to be made from time to time.

How can automated billing apps be of particular help to small and medium enterprises

SMEs form a large part of our economy which define the overall health and well-being of our ecosystem. Having a healthy cash-flow is being able to stay afloat, to generate employment and being able to scale up in a large run. Besides, there is also huge savings in terms of time, energy and money spent in managing the daily accounting functions through reconciliation app such as SpiderG. Management of multiple businesses is a possibility now as finances are under your control and can be managed far more efficiently than it was earlier. Online invoice generator such as SpiderG has in a way, been of great help for Small and Medium businesses who wish to grow and scale up in a long run.

How to manage payments and handle the monthly billing cycle efficiently?

Raising of bills, follow up of payments, invoicing is a central accounting function for any business that necessarily involves time, consistent efforts by qualified professionals and accountants, deployment of manpower, technology, energy and time. Cost is another factor as hiring qualified personnel and getting the right technology in place can cause an additional burden to the overheads. An automated billing software that has integrated solutions for billing and invoicing is an apt one at this point in time. Besides managing invoicing through monthly billing software, they can take care of a lot of the issues pertaining to invoicing such as reconciliation of statements, track payments as well as function as a payment collection app as well. The coming in of the Goods and Service tax- the GST has caused some additional accounting burden for companies and gst mobile billing app such as SpiderG can address most of these issues through a relatively simple-to use operating system that can analyse the processes in a relatively simple manner and is also a free billing software India.

When we talk of billing cycle, we specifically wish to address those businesses who have to deal with recurring bills and payments such as gyms and fitness centres, yoga and aerobics classes, travel agency, tour operators, catering services etc. These businesses, by the very nature of the operation have to deal with typical issues pertaining to payment collection, reconciliation of statements, follow-up of delayed payments etc.

In the mobile centric world that we live in billing issues can be sorted out effectively

An automated billing system is the answer to most of the billing and invoicing issues that businesses face on day to day basis as they provide for a quick, efficient and real-time reconciliation of statements. Free billing software India such as SpiderG have come up with a host of solutions to address these issues. They double up as a payment collection app for many small and micro SMEs and also provide for an efficient invoicing assistance guide for the businesses. This is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it

-Download apps and monthly billing software that is user-friendly and have all the necessary features for efficient payment follow-up

-Add the list of customers

-Select and add the services that they offer

-Make necessary entries relating to the payment and the taxes

-Communicate with the vendors

Thanks to such gst mobile billing app, even computation of GST and other taxes can be made right at the click of a button.

Gone are the days where billing was an elaborate procedure. Today, it is as easy as A-B-C

In other words, operating monthly billing software like SpiderG is user-friendly, quick and can be operated at the click of a button. This makes administrative functions easier, saves costs and overheads and gets cash rolling into the system through the free billing software India.

Answer to the issues faced by SMEs relating to recurring bills and payments

Service providers like gyms and fitness centres, catering services and transport operators often have to deal with huge data and recurring bills and payments on periodical basis. Recurring payments, by nature is difficult to track and filing of taxes and GST adds on to the existing issues. GST mobile billing app such as SpiderG provides and effective solution for through their prompt payment collection app.

Among the several advantages:

-reconciliation of bills take place on real-time basis

-Timely and prompt messages to follow up of overdue bills and delayed payments through payment collection app

-one-time migration of data to digital format from the existing physical format.

-An automated billing software that can take care of recurring bills, payment follow up, keeping track of delayed payments etc.

-Payment collection app that can give a clear picture of the payments received and overdue payments

An automated billing software makes centralized billing possible, that can reduce dependence on manpower and also bring efficiency in the overall administration This in turn can help save costs, time and energy while also address the main woes of the billing cycle for micro and SMEs. 

Quick and professional billing solutions that every business demands in the present days

The changing business scenario has led to the integration of technology and automation for various administrative and operational functions. Billing and finance function is central to any organization for its administrative function, that involves considerable time, energy and manpower working around accounts. To understand better, for any organization, finance functions necessarily involves the following responsibilities-

-follow-up of payments

– reconciliation of bills

tracking of billings and payments

-payments of taxes and coordination in terms of paperwork and compliances

-maintaining track of overdue bills, etc.

This involves qualified accountants and personnel to get the job going. With the involvement of professional online billing apps and software, things have eased out over a period of time. A lot of the accounting functions can be done through free billing software effectively and efficiently. Digital apps and free billing software provide solutions for varied accounting processes as well as provide for free GST billing app that can sort out most of the taxation related matters as well. Having said this, they have ushered in a much-needed change for enterprises small or big.

“Creating scope for an efficient and free billing software is a boon to medium enterprises like ours especially where we have to deal with huge customer database and recurring bills” says a gym owner and a long-time client of SpiderG, a professional online billing app for small and medium enterprises.

True to this, whether you are running a single entity or running multiple businesses, with an efficient system for tracking billing and payments, most of the problem is sorted out. Building professionalism in administrative and operational functions is bringing in a system of accounting that is fast, quick and efficient. Here are ways to do it-

-Use of technology and technology backed apps and software for prompt financial and billing functions, payment of taxes and taxation issues through GST billing app

-Conducting most of the billing related functions with the help of a professional online billing app at the click of a button

-Using a centralized office or a common workplace to run all the crucial aspects of business relating to billing, accounting etc.

-Liberal use of free billing software to conduct a whole host of functions

Creating a quick and an efficient system of billing and invoicing is everyone’s dream come true. SpiderG is an example of such automated billing system that is designed for small businesses and organizations especially the ones who have to raise recurring bills and deal with payment issues. In a mobile central world that we live in, payment of taxes through GST billing app such as SpiderG takes place at the click of the button. This is what a professional and quick accounting system is all about.  It is for this reason that the app is integrated with a host of features meant for reconciliation of bills, follow-up of payments, tracking of billings and payments, prompt reminders for payments overdue etc.

The key takeaways are many and the benefits are many in number. Prompt and efficient billing and accounts management, migration of data from physical form to digital form, dashboard view of the payments due, a complete history of all the payments made and received through professional online billing app that is as easy to operate as it may seem. With such an efficient system, a lot of the finance woes and worries are taken care of to such an extent that business owners can now concentrate on other aspects of business such as scaling up, upgrading technology or developing skills and business acumen.

How to generate online bills and invoices for small businesses?

The function of billing and generation of invoices is an essential task for every business that involves consistent efforts by the team of accountants, energy and time. Whether it is for hiring a qualified accountant or getting the right technology in place, there is some budget that has to be set aside for this function. In a nutshell, this involves energy, time and money to get this essential function going for any organization. Not anymore. With the coming in of the automated billing systems-thanks to the digital revolution that the world is witnessing, accounting functions are a lot simpler than thought of. Online invoice generator is a sure shot way for tracking bills and payments as they are super-quick, efficient and provide for a real-time analysis for tracking invoices and payments. The method and process is relatively simple as they can be operated through a mobile phone with an app downloaded. 

Here’s a guide on how to go about it

-Download an app for automated billing system-Reputed smart e-billing apps such as SpiderG is fast, easy and efficient as you expect an online invoice generator to be

-Add your customer into your list

-Select the services offered by him

-Enter the amount and taxes

To put it in a nutshell, it is as easy as A-B-C. In the mobile centric world that we live in, apps for tracking of bills and payments is a real boon for small and medium enterprises, especially the ones who have to rely on accountants and technology to get their finances in place.

The need of an hour for SMEs and an absolute solution for recurring bills and payments

A number of service providers such as gyms, fitness classes, catering services and transport operators have to deal with huge data and bills owing to the nature of the business. Recurring bills is difficult to track and delay in payments is a norm here. As a solution for tracking bills and payments in case of recurring bills, automated billing system can prove to be an efficient tool. The list of advantages is inexhaustive, but here’s a brief overview of the advantages that SMEs can avail of when it comes to addressing recurring bills and payments.

-reconciliation of bills on real-time basis

-prompt follow-up messages for overdue bills and delayed payments is now possible through online invoice generator app

-one-time migration of data from physical to digital format- Considering the fact that businesses raising recurring bills maintain a huge customer data, physical follow-up can prove to be a rather tedious task. An efficient automated billing system such as SpiderG offers assistance in this aspect for data migration

-Maintaining track of finance and tracking of bills and payments and the history thereto, gives a clear picture of the payments received and due

-Time-based billing cycle for efficient tracking of invoices and payments

It is a widely accepted fact that some of the main problems faced by the SMEs relate to human capital or working capital management. When these operational issues are sorted out, things chalk out better for businesses as they can now concentrate on the finer aspects of business such as scaling up, revenue growth and business intricacies.

Integrated features and functions

From billing solutions to invoicing features, online invoice generator app such as SpiderG provides a whole host of solutions especially when it comes to addressing the billing woes for SMEs.

-Centralized billing system is now possible

-Reduction of labour and bringing in the efficiency in administration

-saves time, energy and reduces costs

Tracking invoices and payments through apps such as SpiderG is possible through an efficient, in-built features such as payment reminders, dashboard view of the payment due and messaging and notifications as and when the payments are made or to be made. To put things in a nutshell, billing solutions through digital apps has proven to usher in administrative and operational efficiency for businesses-big or small. 

GST billing and invoicing is now easier through efficient billing software

One of the key economic and financial highlights for the year 2016 has been the passing of the Goods and Service Tax or GST as it is popularly called. The main aim of this act is to dispel the existing system of multiple taxation system be it on the biannual basis or annualized basis and create a system of unified system of taxation where all the indirect taxes will come under one umbrella of the central GST. While things seemed simple from hereon, for businesses especially the small and medium enterprises, all was not well. It required the hiring of professionals to take care of the GST billing, raise bills and make payments that are in line with the GST recommendations. With the help of GST billing app such as SpiderG, these complications have, to a great extent eased out. This online billing app aims to bring in the possibility of easy operation and create a billing software that can be operated by one and all right at the click of a button.

GST and its implications on Small and medium enterprises

The SMEs have always been at the receiving end when it comes to taxation. Multiple taxation, various heads of transactions, elaborate documentation, harassment from officials; the list seems to be endless. The GST aims to bring in a system where things get easier from hereon and to create an ecosystem where businesses find it easier to operate in the current scenario. The distinction between service and goods are gone. Besides, a unified tax system simply means eliminate all the ancillary taxes that are otherwise payable quarterly, biannually or annually. The taxes otherwise came under the purview of the state or the central government.

 When it comes to taxation and compliances, the usual practice for these businesses has always been to consult a qualified CA or a Tax Specialist. But with things getting simpler by the day, billing software is at the disposal of everyone. With the help of these online billing app, business owners can at least think of completing all the formalities by themselves without having to rush to the professionals at the drop of a hat.

User-friendly features of an online tool for billing

The online free GST billing app is loaded with a host of features that makes billing easy, efficient and quick to operate for businesses-large and small. GST billing app such as Spiderg enables businesses to track the bills and payments, track receivables and complete all the tax formalities on time. With some of the features like automated communication, things are a lot easier than you think otherwise as they are as convenient and as easy to learn as ABC. Hence complicated billing and compliances are a thing of the past as things have got a lot easier as far as raising of bills and invoicing are concerned. Some of the key features include-

-Custom made bills and invoices

-prompt communication

-ease of compliances and documentation

-automatic updates of the receipt and payments

-reconciliation of statements on automated basis

-personalised GST invoices

-Complete control over the goods and service from the time of receipt of goods to the point of sale

Why think? Switch to an online billing system

Since the very idea behind introducing the GST is the simplification of the tax system, free GST billing software such as SpiderG will only take it a step ahead by creating an ecosystem for easy and prompt billing and invoicing. The whole idea is to ease the process of starting and running the business without there being any lacuna in computation and payment of taxes. Having a prompt free billing app such as SpiderG will not only give you the benefit of easy compliance, but will also give you an edge over the others.

Efficient solutions providing GST solutions for small businesses

The Goods and Service Tax is the unified tax regime that has been introduced by the Government that aims to bring every indirect tax under one system of taxation. Small and medium businesses, owners of commercial enterprise would otherwise have to take care of different taxes that had to be paid biannually, half-yearly and annually. This required extensive documentation and harassment from authorities. The idea has been to ease out the entire tax system and create and ecosystem where GST filing is easy and can even be done through an online invoice generator. Gone are those days when filing taxes used to be a complicated rigmarole. Today with the aid of free GST billing software such as SpiderG there is a smooth flow of processes and systems. This invoice generator is used to generate invoices, raise bills, calculate GST, do the documentation and make the business GST ready.

The entire ecosystem of online billing and GST generator

While one of the main aims of GST has been to create a system wherein things are easier for businesses to do business in India, online apps such as SpiderG aim to do just that. There are a host of services that are provided through this app. They include-easy compliance, easy calculation, seamless billing, absence of any lacuna in calculation of bills and payables and payment of taxes. Getting to the point of what are the key essentials of a GST bill, here is the list of the fields that are absolutely necessary in case of a GST bill-

-Name of the customer and billing address

-Invoice number and date of billing

-GSTIN of the customer, incase he is registered under GST

-Place of supply

-HSN Code/SAC code

-Value of the goods along with the details of discount availed by the customer

-Rate at which the taxes are applicable

-Signature of the supplier

-Whether GST is payable on the basis of reverse charge

While these are the essentials that the GST bill must carry, in case where the value of the goods or services is more than Rs.50,000 and the recipient is not registered under GST, the bill must carry the following details-

-name and address of the recipient

-State and State Code

Why GST billing through an online billing generator

Online invoice generator such as SpiderG has a host of advantages that one can avail of. Small and medium enterprises are in an advantageous position as they can track all transactions online, keep track of all the payments and receivables as well as reconcile statements right at the click of a button. Having said this, businesses that are registered under GST have to provide invoices/bills for every sales and service provided for clients. This provides a brief description of the goods and services provided along with the amount due for payment. Read on to know more and learn more about the advantages of switching to tools such as online invoice generator-

-creation of an entire ecosystem of billing, taxation and invoice

-maintenance of account receivables and account payables

-Documentation and reporting

-personalized GST invoices

-advantage of having control over inventory items from the time the goods are received to the point of sale.

-Saves cost, time and is a lot more efficient

-simplified inventory system where there is no complex data to be entered or follow-up necessary

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Managing multiple businesses from the place of your comfort zone

Online invoice generator

The changing business environment has made it possible for people to run multiple businesses from any corner of the world. Thanks to the intervention of technology and online tools, finding the right resource, manpower, space and infrastructure is now easy. With the help of some of the tools for key administrative functions such as SpiderG, an automated billing system, accounting is made easy for small businesses. This online invoice generator is designed to assist people who run small businesses in a number of ways. From efficient tracking of billing and payments, raising of invoices, maintaining track of the receivables and payments are some of the many functions that the app is designed for.

Coming to the main issue, people can now run multiple businesses operating from the comfort of their space and even from home. So how is it possible? What are the aspects that one has to take into consideration and what are the issues that one may have to overcome to make it possible and realize your dream?

-Finding the right manpower and talent-Which is now possible through online searches and portals

-Administrative issues-management and tracking of bills and payments. While there are solutions to it, finding the right app and an efficient online billing generator is a challenge

-Management of manpower

-Finding the infrastructure and management of resources is another big challenge. While technology driven solutions help to a great extent, people are indispensable for this particular function

Of the above issues, the main issue that needs to be sorted out is finance, management of resources and creation of a seamless accounting system through automated billing system for efficient tracking billing and payments.

SpiderG is an example of a fine online and automated billing system that is designed for the benefit of small businesses and organizations which have to raise recurring bills through the help of an efficient and automated billing system. The app is loaded with a host of features that include reconciliation of bills, follow-up of payments, keeping track of receivables and payments, reminders for overdue payments etc. With such efficient billing system that can ensure efficient accounting management, businessmen can now concentrate on the bigger aspects such as scaling up, developing a finer business acumen and knowledge and such other constructive aspects of business

While all has been said about the management of operational and administrative issues, there are other key considerations that businesses have to watch out for.

 Some of the ways in which you can conduct multiple businesses include-

-Use a common office space to run both the places and handle the crucial duties of the business

-Use Technology and technology-enabled services such as the case of the case of an online billing generator, or use of apps for controlling administrative functions

-Prioritize on what is important and what needs immediate attention. The rest can follow

-Try not to fret and sweat over small things. Be efficient in your ways and concentrate on the bigger aspects of business

-Use accounting and financial tools that can take care of all the finances and accounting related issues promptly

-Keep reports and audit of different business. Compare, gauge and assess the reports separately to maintain accountability

Despite various challenges and hiccups, a number of business across all sectors are able to monetize and run business successfully. Impediments such geographical location, talent, access to technology and connectivity is no longer an issue during the present times. Thanks to the right technology and online apps running a business or even multiple business is not only a possibility but a reality.

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How to use social media to market your business better and effectively?

Automated Invoice Generator

The proliferation of social media into our everyday lives has made it possible to reach out to the right people from world over. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin are integrated with features that can help people search for products effectively, depending on what they want to buy and how they want to go about using things. Once this stage is crossed, management finances, tracking bills and payments is a challenge. It is for this reason that free billing software and app such as SpiderG comes handy for businesses who wish to create an efficient and easy billing system who wish to make billing easy and efficient.

Getting into the basics of marketing on social media

Small businesses have to have a strong base in the online world to make their presence felt. Reaching out to the right target audience, conversion of sales and drawing the right kind of customers is all possible by increasing your visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

While the one way to reach out to customers is by increasing the likes through organic search and word of mouth, the other is through a paid resource.

The use of Adword manager in social media marketing is a means to market your products through paid means. This feature helps track lead generation, page likes, carousal ads, provide data of the target audience and customer reaction for the posts.

To begin with, some of the hacks include-

 -Create a strong presence across various social media platforms. Have integrated and easy billing system that can ensure billing and efficient payment gateway

-Consistent engagement on social media by posting relevant and appropriate social media posts. They should provide information on what you do and the latest happenings in your business

-Maintain a healthy customer relation- to receive complaints, handle and attend to the complaints as well as an app for tracking bills and payment

Increase your outreach with the help of the right marketing strategy and integrating your business with the simple billing app

Managing operational issues

Management of issues pertaining to logistics, billing is equally important as promotion and marketing. Thankfully, businessmen have a number of online tools and apps at their disposal be it for supply chain management or even tracking of bills and payments. Take for example, the case of efficient method for tracking bills and payments are available at the click of a button through apps such as SpiderG. Thisapp is an easy billing system that is designed for the benefit of small businesses who have to keep raising recurring bills and manage constant flow of finances and outgoings. Likewise, tying up with logistics and supply chain management company can ensure efficient and quick delivery of goods to the customers. Tracking of delivery, shipping is taken care of when companies are integrated with the efficient logistics partner for this purpose.

What comes next-Scaling up

Management of processes and sales through social media leads is a complex rigmarole that can be managed through a number of tools and apps. To make life simple and easy, the use of efficient tools can help in a number of ways such as efficient billing, saves time and costs, reduces business overheads etc. While the use of easy billing app can help efficient follow up and tracking invoices and payments, the use of tools for administrative functions can reduce dependence on labour as well as save overheads.

The future-the future of marketing through social media

As an inevitable tool, social media can be a powerful tool for companies who wish to grow big, scale up and above all make their presence felt. While the sky is the limit, there are certain limitations that can come by as there is life beyond social media. To carve a niche companies will have to still depend on the conservative sources of marketing such as advertising, participation in trade fairs, customer relation and proven track record of work. Use of technology and tools can only be a stimulus in the whole process but cannot entirely define the manner in which the business is conducted and developed.

Growing businesses need effective billing system

Integration with the right technology and tools goes a long way for businesses, especially the ones who concentrate on growing rigorously and scale up. When it comes to accounting and billing, a simple billing generator is of great help in maintaining financial efficiency and transparency. Effective billing mechanism, transparency of transactions, efficient follow-up and communication between clients/customers are some are those essential functions of any business which determine the financial health of an organization. One of the key issues faced by businesses include tracking invoices and payments effectively and ability to stay afloat owing to financial problems and woes. To address these issues effectively, it is of utmost importance for businesses to switch to online billing app such as SpiderG which help in mobilizing payments especially for small businesses and micro-SMEs.

Why do businesses need effective billing system?

From saving of costs and time to follow up of money and ensuring timely payments, online billing system can prove to be a boon for micro-SME and small businesses. Automated billing software like SpiderG is very popular among them as they are designed to address a host of billing issues especially the ones related to recurring billing. Businesses such as gyms, fitness classes such as yoga classes, aerobics sessions, hobby classes etc., or tiffin services, catering services, transport services are among others. The typical problems attached to these categories of business includes default and delayed payments, reconciliation of bills, tracking invoices and payments, manual billing-all of which consumes time, energy and labor. This escalates costs on overheads as well as adds unnecessary expenses to the business. To address these financial woes, it is wise and advisable for businesses to shift from manual process to automated invoice systems through online billing app and simple billing generator such as SpiderG.

Typical problems faced by businesses who depend on manual billing processes

Issues such as payment collection, follow-up of default payments, reconciliation of accounts are those typical problems faced by any Micro SME or small business. A lot of time, labour and energy is spent on these crucial accounting and financial functions for any business. Given this scenario, it becomes difficult to concentrate on other crucial functions such as scaling up and business expansion as financial liabilities can come in the way of easy access to credit. Businesses can suffer loss owing to shortage of funds and can also hinder the process of growth.  What’s more, manual billing process has its own shortcomings and lack of accuracy, consumes too much time, energy and manpower too.

Automated billing software is the need of the hour and is a key for addressing these issues in more ways than one

One of the most effective and the easiest ways to address these shortcomings in business billing and accounting is to switch to digital mode of accounting and billing. SpiderG is one of the leading online billing apps that is designed to provide effective billing solutions for small businesses and micro-SME’s. From prompt reminders for payments to automated messages, tracking Bills and payments, payment collection is quick, prompt and effective. Reconciliation of statements take place on real-time basis as and when the payments are made and received. Since data transfer to the digital medium is a challenge here, SpiderG provides a one-time data transfer from physical to digital medium, thereby creating an ideal platform for businesses who wish to wish to opt for online billing app. There are a host of benefits which businesses can realize out of this. Saving on costs and overheads, better transparency and access to personal finance-all of which lead to enhanced potential for growing and scaling up of business which simple billing generator like SpiderG have thorough expertise in. 

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