GST billing and invoicing is now easier through efficient billing software

One of the key economic and financial highlights for the year 2016 has been the passing of the Goods and Service Tax or GST as it is popularly called. The main aim of this act is to dispel the existing system of multiple taxation system be it on the biannual basis or annualized basis and create a system of unified system of taxation where all the indirect taxes will come under one umbrella of the central GST. While things seemed simple from hereon, for businesses especially the small and medium enterprises, all was not well. It required the hiring of professionals to take care of the GST billing, raise bills and make payments that are in line with the GST recommendations. With the help of GST billing app such as SpiderG, these complications have, to a great extent eased out. This online billing app aims to bring in the possibility of easy operation and create a billing software that can be operated by one and all right at the click of a button.

GST and its implications on Small and medium enterprises

The SMEs have always been at the receiving end when it comes to taxation. Multiple taxation, various heads of transactions, elaborate documentation, harassment from officials; the list seems to be endless. The GST aims to bring in a system where things get easier from hereon and to create an ecosystem where businesses find it easier to operate in the current scenario. The distinction between service and goods are gone. Besides, a unified tax system simply means eliminate all the ancillary taxes that are otherwise payable quarterly, biannually or annually. The taxes otherwise came under the purview of the state or the central government.

 When it comes to taxation and compliances, the usual practice for these businesses has always been to consult a qualified CA or a Tax Specialist. But with things getting simpler by the day, billing software is at the disposal of everyone. With the help of these online billing app, business owners can at least think of completing all the formalities by themselves without having to rush to the professionals at the drop of a hat.

User-friendly features of an online tool for billing

The online free GST billing app is loaded with a host of features that makes billing easy, efficient and quick to operate for businesses-large and small. GST billing app such as Spiderg enables businesses to track the bills and payments, track receivables and complete all the tax formalities on time. With some of the features like automated communication, things are a lot easier than you think otherwise as they are as convenient and as easy to learn as ABC. Hence complicated billing and compliances are a thing of the past as things have got a lot easier as far as raising of bills and invoicing are concerned. Some of the key features include-

-Custom made bills and invoices

-prompt communication

-ease of compliances and documentation

-automatic updates of the receipt and payments

-reconciliation of statements on automated basis

-personalised GST invoices

-Complete control over the goods and service from the time of receipt of goods to the point of sale

Why think? Switch to an online billing system

Since the very idea behind introducing the GST is the simplification of the tax system, free GST billing software such as SpiderG will only take it a step ahead by creating an ecosystem for easy and prompt billing and invoicing. The whole idea is to ease the process of starting and running the business without there being any lacuna in computation and payment of taxes. Having a prompt free billing app such as SpiderG will not only give you the benefit of easy compliance, but will also give you an edge over the others.

Published by Spider G

SpiderG helps small to medium businesses with a smart, convenient and hassle free way to manage payment collection through a mobile app. While we automate your reconciliation & keep complete track of all transactions, you get to focus on your business. Now there is no need to bother or chase customers for payment and risking your relationship with them. Let SpiderG take care of it for you.

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