The function of billing and generation of invoices is an essential task for every business that involves consistent efforts by the team of accountants, energy and time. Whether it is for hiring a qualified accountant or getting the right technology in place, there is some budget that has to be set aside for this function. In a nutshell, this involves energy, time and money to get this essential function going for any organization. Not anymore. With the coming in of the automated billing systems-thanks to the digital revolution that the world is witnessing, accounting functions are a lot simpler than thought of. Online invoice generator is a sure shot way for tracking bills and payments as they are super-quick, efficient and provide for a real-time analysis for tracking invoices and payments. The method and process is relatively simple as they can be operated through a mobile phone with an app downloaded. 

Here’s a guide on how to go about it

-Download an app for automated billing system-Reputed smart e-billing apps such as SpiderG is fast, easy and efficient as you expect an online invoice generator to be

-Add your customer into your list

-Select the services offered by him

-Enter the amount and taxes

To put it in a nutshell, it is as easy as A-B-C. In the mobile centric world that we live in, apps for tracking of bills and payments is a real boon for small and medium enterprises, especially the ones who have to rely on accountants and technology to get their finances in place.

The need of an hour for SMEs and an absolute solution for recurring bills and payments

A number of service providers such as gyms, fitness classes, catering services and transport operators have to deal with huge data and bills owing to the nature of the business. Recurring bills is difficult to track and delay in payments is a norm here. As a solution for tracking bills and payments in case of recurring bills, automated billing system can prove to be an efficient tool. The list of advantages is inexhaustive, but here’s a brief overview of the advantages that SMEs can avail of when it comes to addressing recurring bills and payments.

-reconciliation of bills on real-time basis

-prompt follow-up messages for overdue bills and delayed payments is now possible through online invoice generator app

-one-time migration of data from physical to digital format- Considering the fact that businesses raising recurring bills maintain a huge customer data, physical follow-up can prove to be a rather tedious task. An efficient automated billing system such as SpiderG offers assistance in this aspect for data migration

-Maintaining track of finance and tracking of bills and payments and the history thereto, gives a clear picture of the payments received and due

-Time-based billing cycle for efficient tracking of invoices and payments

It is a widely accepted fact that some of the main problems faced by the SMEs relate to human capital or working capital management. When these operational issues are sorted out, things chalk out better for businesses as they can now concentrate on the finer aspects of business such as scaling up, revenue growth and business intricacies.

Integrated features and functions

From billing solutions to invoicing features, online invoice generator app such as SpiderG provides a whole host of solutions especially when it comes to addressing the billing woes for SMEs.

-Centralized billing system is now possible

-Reduction of labour and bringing in the efficiency in administration

-saves time, energy and reduces costs

Tracking invoices and payments through apps such as SpiderG is possible through an efficient, in-built features such as payment reminders, dashboard view of the payment due and messaging and notifications as and when the payments are made or to be made. To put things in a nutshell, billing solutions through digital apps has proven to usher in administrative and operational efficiency for businesses-big or small. 

Published by Spider G

SpiderG helps small to medium businesses with a smart, convenient and hassle free way to manage payment collection through a mobile app. While we automate your reconciliation & keep complete track of all transactions, you get to focus on your business. Now there is no need to bother or chase customers for payment and risking your relationship with them. Let SpiderG take care of it for you.

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