The Goods and Service Tax is the unified tax regime that has been introduced by the Government that aims to bring every indirect tax under one system of taxation. Small and medium businesses, owners of commercial enterprise would otherwise have to take care of different taxes that had to be paid biannually, half-yearly and annually. This required extensive documentation and harassment from authorities. The idea has been to ease out the entire tax system and create and ecosystem where GST filing is easy and can even be done through an online invoice generator. Gone are those days when filing taxes used to be a complicated rigmarole. Today with the aid of free GST billing software such as SpiderG there is a smooth flow of processes and systems. This invoice generator is used to generate invoices, raise bills, calculate GST, do the documentation and make the business GST ready.

The entire ecosystem of online billing and GST generator

While one of the main aims of GST has been to create a system wherein things are easier for businesses to do business in India, online apps such as SpiderG aim to do just that. There are a host of services that are provided through this app. They include-easy compliance, easy calculation, seamless billing, absence of any lacuna in calculation of bills and payables and payment of taxes. Getting to the point of what are the key essentials of a GST bill, here is the list of the fields that are absolutely necessary in case of a GST bill-

-Name of the customer and billing address

-Invoice number and date of billing

-GSTIN of the customer, incase he is registered under GST

-Place of supply

-HSN Code/SAC code

-Value of the goods along with the details of discount availed by the customer

-Rate at which the taxes are applicable

-Signature of the supplier

-Whether GST is payable on the basis of reverse charge

While these are the essentials that the GST bill must carry, in case where the value of the goods or services is more than Rs.50,000 and the recipient is not registered under GST, the bill must carry the following details-

-name and address of the recipient

-State and State Code

Why GST billing through an online billing generator

Online invoice generator such as SpiderG has a host of advantages that one can avail of. Small and medium enterprises are in an advantageous position as they can track all transactions online, keep track of all the payments and receivables as well as reconcile statements right at the click of a button. Having said this, businesses that are registered under GST have to provide invoices/bills for every sales and service provided for clients. This provides a brief description of the goods and services provided along with the amount due for payment. Read on to know more and learn more about the advantages of switching to tools such as online invoice generator-

-creation of an entire ecosystem of billing, taxation and invoice

-maintenance of account receivables and account payables

-Documentation and reporting

-personalized GST invoices

-advantage of having control over inventory items from the time the goods are received to the point of sale.

-Saves cost, time and is a lot more efficient

-simplified inventory system where there is no complex data to be entered or follow-up necessary

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SpiderG helps small to medium businesses with a smart, convenient and hassle free way to manage payment collection through a mobile app. While we automate your reconciliation & keep complete track of all transactions, you get to focus on your business. Now there is no need to bother or chase customers for payment and risking your relationship with them. Let SpiderG take care of it for you.

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