Integration with the right technology and tools goes a long way for businesses, especially the ones who concentrate on growing rigorously and scale up. When it comes to accounting and billing, a simple billing generator is of great help in maintaining financial efficiency and transparency. Effective billing mechanism, transparency of transactions, efficient follow-up and communication between clients/customers are some are those essential functions of any business which determine the financial health of an organization. One of the key issues faced by businesses include tracking invoices and payments effectively and ability to stay afloat owing to financial problems and woes. To address these issues effectively, it is of utmost importance for businesses to switch to online billing app such as SpiderG which help in mobilizing payments especially for small businesses and micro-SMEs.

Why do businesses need effective billing system?

From saving of costs and time to follow up of money and ensuring timely payments, online billing system can prove to be a boon for micro-SME and small businesses. Automated billing software like SpiderG is very popular among them as they are designed to address a host of billing issues especially the ones related to recurring billing. Businesses such as gyms, fitness classes such as yoga classes, aerobics sessions, hobby classes etc., or tiffin services, catering services, transport services are among others. The typical problems attached to these categories of business includes default and delayed payments, reconciliation of bills, tracking invoices and payments, manual billing-all of which consumes time, energy and labor. This escalates costs on overheads as well as adds unnecessary expenses to the business. To address these financial woes, it is wise and advisable for businesses to shift from manual process to automated invoice systems through online billing app and simple billing generator such as SpiderG.

Typical problems faced by businesses who depend on manual billing processes

Issues such as payment collection, follow-up of default payments, reconciliation of accounts are those typical problems faced by any Micro SME or small business. A lot of time, labour and energy is spent on these crucial accounting and financial functions for any business. Given this scenario, it becomes difficult to concentrate on other crucial functions such as scaling up and business expansion as financial liabilities can come in the way of easy access to credit. Businesses can suffer loss owing to shortage of funds and can also hinder the process of growth.  What’s more, manual billing process has its own shortcomings and lack of accuracy, consumes too much time, energy and manpower too.

Automated billing software is the need of the hour and is a key for addressing these issues in more ways than one

One of the most effective and the easiest ways to address these shortcomings in business billing and accounting is to switch to digital mode of accounting and billing. SpiderG is one of the leading online billing apps that is designed to provide effective billing solutions for small businesses and micro-SME’s. From prompt reminders for payments to automated messages, tracking Bills and payments, payment collection is quick, prompt and effective. Reconciliation of statements take place on real-time basis as and when the payments are made and received. Since data transfer to the digital medium is a challenge here, SpiderG provides a one-time data transfer from physical to digital medium, thereby creating an ideal platform for businesses who wish to wish to opt for online billing app. There are a host of benefits which businesses can realize out of this. Saving on costs and overheads, better transparency and access to personal finance-all of which lead to enhanced potential for growing and scaling up of business which simple billing generator like SpiderG have thorough expertise in. 

Published by Spider G

SpiderG helps small to medium businesses with a smart, convenient and hassle free way to manage payment collection through a mobile app. While we automate your reconciliation & keep complete track of all transactions, you get to focus on your business. Now there is no need to bother or chase customers for payment and risking your relationship with them. Let SpiderG take care of it for you.

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