Accounting functions for organizations big or small involves maintaining invoices for payments and receivables, reconciliation of accounts, timely payment, follow up for money and more. Being a crucial, complicated and an indispensable function, meticulous, error-free accounting is not always possible as much as tracking of bills and payments that are not accurate. It involves deployment of manpower, upgradation of technology, resources, skills, time and energy. With technological innovation and development of automated billing software and online accounting platforms to manage cash flow and solve working capital mismanagement. With the coming into operation of free billing software, tracking and managing receivables and payables are a lot easier and more effective. SpiderG is one of those online billing apps that has been designed for the benefit of small businesses and micro-SMEs.

With a host of features and functions, this online tool has helped those companies which face acute working capital crisis to manage their finances better. Read on to find out more about them and the manner in which this tool operates. 

Changing Accounting functions

In order to understand what automated billing software does, let us first understand the key accounting functions for any business:

-maintaining track of receivables and payments

-Communication with vendors/customers

-prompt reminders for payments

-follow-up of delayed payments

-reconciliation of accounts

-maintaining customer data base and entry of invoices

Well, all these are intensive roles for accountants which can be done away with when integrated with the right technology and software.

Now, coming to what online apps and free billing software such as SpiderG can do to ease out the accounting functions especially for small and micro SMEs-

·         Effective follow up for payments through automated reminders

·         Online tracking of bills and payments that can give a comprehensive view of the finances

·         Dashboard view of all the payments due

·         Reconciliation of statements on real-time basis

·         Data migration from physical to digital form

One can comprehend how much the accounting functions have changed due to the coming of digital and online tools and apps that have effectively taken over the functions which were otherwise managed by accountants.  Automated billing software are designed for the effective management of cash flow for companies especially the small and micro SME’s are concerned.

Ideal for small businesses and micro-SME’s

Automated billing software are designed for effective management of cash flow for companies large and small. Small businesses and micro SMEs who have to deal with recurring bills and payments- the tracking and collection of which can be quite a daunting task. Effective use of online tools and apps makes the work easier for the businesses, sorts out issues of mismanagement. What’s more it helps in the overall tracking of bills and payments and addresses most of the financial and accounting functions.

What is SpiderG all about?

SpiderG is a free-to-download, free billing software for small and micro-SMEs who have manage recurring invoices either by raising recurring bills for clients/customers or make payments to vendors and suppliers. This app is loaded with a host of features such as prompt payment follow-up, payment reminders, communication and reconciliation of statements on real-time basis. Complete access to transaction history and details also means control over finances and accounts of your business. With a growing number of business accepting this new way of accounting through billing software, SpiderG has been able to make a difference in the way businesses operate and run.

Google Pay : Online billing generator

Published by Spider G

SpiderG helps small to medium businesses with a smart, convenient and hassle free way to manage payment collection through a mobile app. While we automate your reconciliation & keep complete track of all transactions, you get to focus on your business. Now there is no need to bother or chase customers for payment and risking your relationship with them. Let SpiderG take care of it for you.

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